Open Tree of Life is a collaborative project among 11 PIs at 10 institutions.

Clark University

  • PI David Hibbett

Field Museum of Natural History

  • PI Richard Ree

George Washington University

  • PI Keith Crandall

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center

  • PI: Karen Cranston; phyloinformatics, phylogenetic methods, data sharing, software development
  • Jonathan Rees, software architect
  • Elliot Hauser, UNC SILS student

Michigan State University

  • PI Karl Gude

Smith College

  • PI Laura Katz
  • Jessica Grant, Research Associate: Taxonomy, pre-OTToL, phylogenomics, LGT
  • Kristen Swithers, Postdoc: phylogenomics, LGT, microbial phylogenies

Texas A&M

  • PI Tiffani Williams

University of Florida

  • PI Gordon Burleigh
  • PI Doug Soltis

Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology|University of Kansas

University of Michigan